Part Two. 2021 Hermes Serieses

Part Two. 2021 Hermes Serieses


In addition to the famous bag Birkin and Kelly, other new handbags of Hermès are also worthy of your attention. Low-key and simple design, even without the logo, they still stand for advanced and high quality of Hermès

  Hermes, which started with horse harness , has almost all of its designs related to equestrianism, and such elements in handbags can also be seen everywhere, including the new Perspective Cavaliere.

Although the bag design is not too complicated, every detail shows its Hermès elements. The unique asymmetrical bag shape and the exquisite buckle are full of high-quality feeling in the hand.


Mors de bride evening bag is seemingly unremarkable but still a noble handbags everywhere. The metal buckle design at the mouth of the bag may only be seen in Hermes, whose design is also related to equestrianism.

Although the whole handbag has a regular shape, it becomes elegant carried by any lady , with its adjustable shoulder strap.


The “3-in-1” Birkin

Brikin three-in-one handbags in the 2021 autumn and winter show will renew and upgrade the classic Birkin handbags.

The classic Birkin handbag is disassembled into a Birkin pochette handbag and a tote bag. This new design makes the Birkin bag more functional and collocational.


Another new handbag in the Hermès autumn and winter show also maximizes its functionality. Hermèsway is not only a mobile phone bag, but also a lipstick bag, it also comes with a headphone box and a card case.

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