2021 Prada new arrival

2021 Prada new arrival

PRADA is famous for its Hobo handbags, made nylon fashionable. However, the latest new model also has the momentum to catch up with Hobo handbags.

Hobo now has a new successor— Cleo, which is not less popular then Hobo.

The design of the Cleo handbag is also a re-enactment of the classics of the 90s. The whole handbag is simplicity design, no complicated elements.

It isn’t use the iconic nylon material of PRADA, instead leather material is being used, and the shape of the bag is more upright than Hobo

Although the Cleo handbags is minimalist, the outline and curve of the entire bag is still very artistic.

The bottom of the handbag is a rounded arc like a sliding ladder, makes the bag more vertical not matter viewed from any sides.

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